From your own idea to Canvas

From your own idea to Canvas

About the course

This course offers the knowledge for ideation and knowledge of the Lean Launchpad Canvas model. In short, how to shape a company idea in a Canvas, a simple visual that will help us share it and improve with many mentors and people from different sectors.

Target audience

Entrepreneurs with a business idea, but who do not yet have any concrete model.

Learning outcomes

  1.  Identify Customers
  2.  Identify Partners
  3.  Identify the company’s value proposition
  4.  Knowing how to use the Business Model Canvas
  5.  Identify sales channels
  6.  Identify the company’s assets

Teaching staff

Albert Domingo
UPF Ventures director

PhD engineer who has worked in various fields such as Television, BioTech, eHealth, Regulation, FTTH and SmartCities. He works at UPF Ventures as Technology and Digital Director and is the coordinator of Entrepreneurship at UPF.

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